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Special belt weigh feeder design for SAF

Special belt weigh feeder design for SAF

Adaptative belt weigh feeder: BWG1400

With the aim of reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and providing an effective and safe response to society in the treatment of its waste, the European cement sector adopted for the diversification of its energy sources using alternative fuels derived from waste, such as tires, animal meat flours, oils, wood chips, rice husks, plastics, sewage sludge, etc.

To be able to control the use of these wastes from their arrival to the plant until they enter in the kiln, specially designed facilities are required, in which storage systems, dosing systems and transport systems must be involved up to the kiln, whose designs will always be subject to the characteristics of the alternative fuel in use and the conditions of the available space in each plant.

We can differentiate two types of installations, fixed and mobile. Each installation is made up of four essential parts: storage, transport to dosage, dosing station and transportation to the kiln.

In Vidmar we have been betting and developing new solutions for this type of installations for years now. Today our mechanical engineering department has tailored a special belt weigh feeder BWG1400 specifically for alternative fuels.

Main characteristics:

  • Self-adaptive system for different fuels: Densities from 0.07 to 1 t/m³.
  • Automatic adjustment of the material exit gate according to the density of the product.
  • Controller by market PLC.
  • Prepared for work with high layer on band and very low advance speeds.
  • Double weighbridge.
  • Break-layers at the exit so that the exit is in the form of “rain”, avoiding avalanches and allowing subsequent pneumatic transport.



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