Wide range of accessories to provide all solutions and needs of our customers.

Lump breakers

Useful equipment to crumble the material inside the silo, with tendency to compact, allowing a fluid dosage.

Bars gate

Exclusively to deal with grain products, it manually regulates the amount of product flowing to the scale, or also it interrupts the unloading during maintenance operations.

Fines conveyor

To be installed underneath the weigh feeder. It collects and transports dislodge material to the unloading gate either in continuously or sequential way.  It facilitates the dosing area.

Extraction roller

This motorized roller helps the extraction of compressed materials, like alternative fuels, from the inside of the hopper.

Vibrated hopper

Ancillary hopper, which incorporates a vibrating device, to easy the extraction from the main hopper, of those materials with tendency to compact.

Rotary valves

It is a rotational feeding system which works by hermetic alveolus. It is suitable for medium flows.

Hammer gates

Gate composed by pivoting hammers acting like a curtain that adapts to product profile. With its movement, it allows the unloading of material in big lumps, and avoids the hopper clogging.

Vibrating bin activator

Accessories to be installed inside silos cones, which helps the regular unloading of the product in order to avoid bridging or the formation of tunnel flows.

Sliding gates

Flat flow cut off system, specially designed to be placed in silos or hoppers, suitable to deal with powdery products.

Dynamic weighing controller

It allows, through a build-in touch screen, the calibration, operation and maintenance of any feeder or dosing belt scales. For weighing scale, the controller regulates the variable frequency drive (VFD) for a constant flow.

Remote control is also possible through both, wired signals or embedded fieldbus such Modbus/Ethernet, Canopen, Devicenet, or ProfitbusDP.

The touch screen can be placed either on the belt scale or in an electrical room according to client requirements.


Suitable to work with materials with low density such alternative fuels, and also with low dosing set points. The spike roll, breaks the layer of material formed during very slow dosing/conveying process avoiding the material shall fall in packages.

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