Thanks to our years of experience, we can proudly state today, that we have gone far beyond the expectations, by working side by side with our clients, nowadays we are specialized suppliers in the sector of Industrial Weighing and Automation.

International presence

In 1994 the company opens up all over the world, exporting its equipment to new markets, proving to be a company capable of taking on the challenges and carrying out projects in Asia, North and Central America (United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, etc …) and the African continent (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan).


Since its beginnings in 1985, more than 30 years ago, Vidmar has proven to be a company capable of adapting to market demands, going from being a manufacturing and commercialized company of accessories for computer equipment to becoming today, one of the specialized suppliers in the Industrial Weighing and Automation sector.


In 2011 Vidmar Mexico starts its business (after having bought a company specialized in industrial automation). The company implements two of the most ambitious global projects in this business, a cement plant with a production capacity of 7000 tons per day and one year later, it installs a plant for the production of cement additives with a production capacity of up to 30.000 liters per hour.


Colombia also represents for Vidmar and important export destination (making its first exports in 1994). Is there, where the company implements the automation of an entire cement production line, located in Tolima in 2010. Therefore, Vidmar Colombia opens its doors, and it is now the second location of the group abroad.


2016 arrive and with it a new year of challenges for Vidmar. Since a few years ago, Vidmar receives great demand for projects in the United States, and that is, when Vidmar decide to continue with the expansion and to establish Vidmar USA in order to be able to acquire a more notorious representation in this country.

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