Electronic ear for loading level in ball mills.

Obtaining information in real time of loading levels in ball mills was never so easy. The electronic ear OREMOL-5 allows you to make rapid decisions and necessary adjustments on production process. You will improve the amount, the quality of end-product performance, and also the control in final energy consumption per MT and maintenance costs.

General characteristics

  • Compact equipment
  • Control of up to 4 crushers
  • Design to work in aggressive enviroments
  • Load graphics and frequency analysis of each mill
  • Simple and Intuitive adjustment system, with the possibility to the most representative frequency range of the equipment to control (between 0 and 5 kHz)
  • Crosstalk function among the four audio inputs
  • Remote control software for equipment  remote access
  • Programmable analog outputs, with signal tester simulator.
  • The software allows parameterizing filters, for audio acquisition and analogic output.
  • Possibility of varying calibration parameters, without requiring a new empty/full mill process.
  • Possibility of recording calibration in computer readable form, avoiding a new calibration in the event of failure.



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