Apron Feeder

Equipment suitable for the transport (or extraction of silo) of products complicated by their special characteristics: high temperature, abrasiveness, high flow rate, or very high shear forces for the feeding of the product.

Robust design prepared for the hardest conditions in the cement, steel, mining, etc. industries. The chassis is manufactured entirely in carbon steel.

The transmission elements are based on interchangeable crawler chain parts (high robustness).

The use of direct coupling drives, orthogonal type, hollow shaft, with motors of alternating current, guarantees an optimal transmission of power.

Equipment for transportation of highly abrasive and/or high temperature products, high mass flows rates, or extremely shears stresses product feeder.


  • Dosing of products difficult to extract like clay, wet plaster, refinery waste, etc.
  • Dosing of high temperature products like clinker at the gate of the kilns.
  • Dosing of products with big particle size.
  • Extractions of materials from quarry, feeding to the crusher, etc.

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