Automatic ice dispatch system suitable at trade fishing markets. It is easily adaptable to existing belt scale weighing systems or weighing platforms.

Simple and intuitive graphic interface, suitable to communicate with many peripherals in order to provide the best solution to your requirements.

General characteristics

  • Languages menu among: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, and Arab
  • Wide selection list, which allows visualizing, printing or exporting to any other informatics program (Excel, Word, Pdf, etc.)
  • Easy to use data files system.
  • Periphery communication route through: Ethernet, RS-232, RS485, etc.
  • Supply of customized terminals for automatic management of the system
  • Adjustable software according to our clients need.
  • Peripherals commonly used;
    • RFID Card readers
    • Bar codes readers
    • Tags readers
    • PLC and touch screens
    • Messages display and macro viewer
    • Tickets and DIN-A4 printers
    • Weighing equipment
    • IP Cameras and OCR plates recognition
    • Cards machines, for delivery and collection.

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