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Vidmar CWB 25-50-DP random bags weighing system

Vidmar CWB 25-50-DP random bags weighing system

CWB 25-50 DP random static bag weighing system designed and patented by VIDMAR for the metrological verification, by means of static weighing, of bags between 25 and 50 kilos, totally in line, without stopping the conveyor belt after the bagger.

By installing VIDMAR CWB 25-50-DP random static bags weighing system in your filling-bag line, you will be able to control precisely according to the tolerances allowed by the metrological standards, the exact amount of the product in the bag. Which, on one hand, will help you to avoid legal problems by supplying lower ammounts, and on the other hand, It will allow you to adjust the filling system as precise as possible, even over the amount of transaction of 25kg, 50kg. or to any of your requirements, which will absolutely turn into a direct economic benefit, and you will be able to amortize your investment very quickly.


  • Easy to install, with minimum adjustment on the belt conveyor.
  • There is no need to cut or extend the existing belt conveyor.
  • It could be installed in continuous filling-bag system of up to 3000 bags per hour.
  • Suitable for bags from 25kg to 50 kg.
  • All the necessary accessories for the installations, on the belt conveyor, are included.
  • Automatic control system included.
  • Additional staff will be not required.
  • Record of all the weighing data.
  • It is suitable to be connected with other control systems.
  • It is suitable to be connected with other filling-bags  systems
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