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Additives plant

Additives plant

VIDMAR has carried out the design and automation of Atotonilco Additives Plant in México. The plant opened on January 2014 and it is already in operation with a production capacity of 30.000 cubic meters per annum and will be able to expand its production to serve the domestic market, including water reducer, retarding admixture, and accelerators, among others.

Furthermore, this new plant brings the opportunity of development for local suppliers of maintenance services, increase on domestic raw materials demand and also advanced research and technology which will boost the development of the national industry.

CEMEX Additives Plant located in Atotonilco was inaugurated in a ceremony chaired by the Governor of the state of Hidalgo, José Francisco Olvera Ruiz; The Mayor of Atotonilco de Tula, Edgar Reyes Martínez, and Juan Romero, President of CEMEX Mexico.

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