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Innovationa and advantages of Fibrocement

Innovationa and advantages of Fibrocement

The innovative Fibrocement Vidmar’s machine for the production of fiber cement sheets and accessories through an efficient process of shaping a concrete mass and its lamination, and with minimum water consumption, incorporates notable innovations and advantages over the techniques used so far, that allows to minimize the investment for the entrepreneurs and constructors who wish to undertake a project to manufacture sheets of fiber cement.


  • It doesn’t have felt or vacuum system so it requires minimal maintenance.
  • This new machine uses a hopper that empties a pasty mass (concrete with synthetic fibers) that allows to mold it by
    lamination, thus simplifying the production process of this type of materials without generating waste water, since even
    those used for cleaning, is reused in the production of the mass.
  • It does not require the use of flocculants for the retention of solids in the canvas, nor of asbestos (material prohibited today) to perform this retention optimally. The system of this machine only uses synthetic fibers other than asbestos mixed directly in the mass.
  • It doesn’t require the use of cellulose fibers, which considerably affects the resistance of the product, due to the fact that the setting is slowed down. This invention only uses fibers other than asbestos to achieve its strength.
  • The infrastructure and investment necessary for a complete plant is much lower than that used by conventional
    systems (HATSCHEK system).
  • Reduced infrastructure in the handling of mold trays.


  • Sheets produced according to regulations, both measures and resistance.
  • Curing carried out naturally or with continuous pre-drying chamber.
  • Manual or automatic longitudinal cutting.
  • Manual or automatic demolding.
  • Form and size of the sheets according to the requirements desired.
  • Stacking on pallets manually or automatically with robot fir the finished products.
  • Final finishing of the panels: textured, painted, special treatments, etc.



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